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Genius Headset, Virtual 7.1 CAVIMANUS HS-G700V
This headset brings many exciting features to pro gamers. To survive in the game world, you must hea..
3.367 MKD
без ДДВ: 2.853 MKD
Genius in ear Headphone, GHP-206, Black
Тhe high-performance neodymium drivers deliver high quality audio sound experience. The in-ear isola..
271 MKD
без ДДВ: 230 MKD
Genius Headphone + Microphone, HS-05A
This deluxe full- size- ear cup design prevents any ear discomfort from long time usage; its adjusta..
767 MKD
без ДДВ: 650 MKD
Genius Headphone + Microphone, HS-02B
specifications: Microphone directivity: Omni-Direktional sensitivity: -58dB ± 4dB frequency resp..
337 MKD
без ДДВ: 286 MKD
Genius Speaker 5.1, 200W, Wood, Surround System, SW-N5.1 6000
This six- piece wood speaker system combines a 100 watt subwoofer with a built- in 8” long- throw dr..
10.024 MKD
без ДДВ: 8.495 MKD
Genius Speaker 2.0, 20W RMS, SP-HF800A, Wood
The 2-inch high-performance speaker units cover the full-spectrum of sound and the one-inch tweeter ..
2.482 MKD
без ДДВ: 2.103 MKD
Genius Speaker 2.1, 5W (6W+2*1W), SW-2.1 370, Black
The elegant subwoofer with its 3" sound unit delivers has a powerful bass and is supported by two 2...
1.180 MKD
без ДДВ: 1.000 MKD

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